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Jeff Tarte for North Carolina State Auditor

Principled. Proven. Pragmatic.

I understand how state government works. I have run successful businesses. I understand the audit process. We all recognize there is an endless supply of waste in state government. Under my leadership, utilizing pragmatic data forensic approaches in conjunction with advanced technologies, I will help mitigate the problems of waste, fraud, and abuse in our state agencies. Leading a group of 175+ skilled professionals in the State Auditor’s Office, I will call out improper financial management while remaining unbiased to party and politics. 


This is about doing the right thing by bringing to light those who cheat and steal state money.  Through my work, I have identified $100M of funds that are available to be recovered from overpayments and fraud in health care claims, insurance fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) program, plus the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program. Additional funds can be harvested from waste in utility expenses as well as in statewide IT contracts. I will begin pursuing these monies on the first day when I take my oath of office. I will also implement technological safeguards using software tools with embedded AI, rules engines, and advanced algorithms to prevent recurring fraud and waste.


As State Senator, I authored legislation that required the six (6) largest departments in the North Carolina government to undergo an independent financial audit (IFA) every two years. Many of these agencies had not undergone an IFA in decades. The first one performed for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) identified millions of unaccounted-for money. I will advocate for all state agencies and departments to undergo regular independent financial audits and reviews.


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Meet Jeff Tarte

Jeff Tarte is an accomplished individual leaving an unforgettable legacy on both the political and business landscapes. Serving as a three-term State Senator and three-term Mayor, Tarte's political career has been defined by a steadfast commitment to public service. He chaired the Oversight Committee for over 20 North Carolina state agencies, a role that included overseeing the Office of State Auditor. Senator Tarte's leadership in cybersecurity is equally noteworthy. He chaired the NC Cybersecurity Committee, which collaborated with counterparts from over 20 state agencies, all 100 counties across the state, and the NC National Guard. Overseeing this number of entities demonstrates his keen understanding of the complexities of modern governance and technology.


Before delving into politics, Jeff Tarte was a recognized and highly regarded professional in the corporate world. He was a sales executive with IBM and a Partner at Ernst & Young, the third-largest accounting firm globally with annual revenues of $45 billion. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Applied Revenue Analytics, a national Health Care Revenue Cycle Company, where he served as the CEO. This dual experience in both public service and the private sector showcases Tarte's breadth of skills and holistic understanding of the intersection between business and governance. Tarte's accolades further underscore his impact across North Carolina. He was named one of the Top 100 IT Executives in the USA by CIO Magazine, holding a Top Secret Department of Defense Security Clearance and being recognized as the NC Public Leader of the Year in 2018 by NC Tech, an award bestowed on two former governors, the current Executive Director of the CDC and former Chief-of-Staff to President Clinton.


State, counties, and municipalities, as well as business leaders, regularly consult Senator Tarte for guidance on matters affecting the finances and operations of various projects and initiatives. As the incoming Chair of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, Tarte's leadership journey promises a future of continued dedication to innovation in small businesses and corporate communities.


The ultimate recognition of Jeff’s contributions to his community was having a baseball field dedicated in his name, “Tarte Field.”


Jeff Tarte’s public service for over three decades stands as a testament to his longstanding commitment to community engagement. Residing in Cornelius for more than 30 years, Senator Tarte has not only witnessed the growth and evolution of this region of North Carolina, but has actively contributed to its fabric. His marriage of 44 years to Nancy, a Pediatrician and the Medical Director at Atrium Virtual Children’s Hospital during the COVID pandemic, exemplifies a shared dedication to healthcare and the well-being of Mecklenburg County. The Tarte family extends beyond Jeff and Nancy to include three happily married children and the joyful addition of a recent grandson. Their children’s educational experience began by attending Charlotte Mecklenburg public schools K-12 and accumulating five degrees from three UNC System Universities.


Beyond the familial sphere, Jeff Tarte and his wife are active members of Davidson United Methodist Church, whose involvement has spanned more than three decades. This time-honored responsibility to faith, family, and community encapsulates the essence of Jeff Tarte's influence in Cornelius, the Lake Norman region, and North Carolina.

What will I do as the State Auditor?
  1. Audit and Investigate with integrity, impartiality and independence

  2. Seek and report facts about a state entity’s financial condition and management

  3. Provide objective information in all reports


Paraphrasing a past State Auditor, The Office of the State Auditor (OSA) protects the interests of taxpayers and others who provide financial resources to the State of North Carolina. Specifically, the OSA provides objective information to interested parties about whether economic resources are properly accounted for, reported, and managed and whether publicly funded programs are achieving desired results.


As your State Auditor, if the OSA finds financial mismanagement, waste, or fraud, I will report without apology, as this is my ultimate responsibility to the taxpayers of North Carolina.


Common key accounting principles the OSA will follow during audit and investigative work:


Regularity:     Adhere to established rules and regulations.

Consistency: Apply consistent standards throughout the financial reporting process.

Sincerity:       Commitment to accuracy and impartiality.

Prudence:      Speculation does not influence the reporting of financial data.

Continuity:     Determine if an organization’s operations will continue.

Periodicity:     Reporting of revenue divided by standard accounting time periods.

Materiality:      Financial reports fully disclose the organization’s monetary situation.

Jeff's Education

Economics, BS, College of Commerce and Business Administration, University of Illinois

Finance, Executive Education, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Quest, Partner Development Program, Ernst & Young

Compliance, Executive Education, University of Pennsylvania

Center for Advancement of Leadership Skills, Southern Legislative Conference, University of Arkansas

Senior Leadership State and Local Government, Executive Education, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


Greg Wessling
Chairman, Board of Directors, UNC Health

C-Suite Executive (Retired), Lowe’s

“All of North Carolina has been improved as a direct result of Senator Jeff Tarte’s leadership. Senator Tarte has helped lower taxes, reduce regulations, and improve the business environment for all of North Carolina’s citizens. Jeff will be a bulldog in finding and reporting fraud and waste, which will potentially return millions of dollars to NC taxpayers.”

Jay Lesemann Jr, CPA CGMA
Managing Member, Lesemann CPAs

Past Chairman, North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (NCACPA)

“After reviewing the current list of those who might be or are running for NC State Auditor, not one has a background like Jeff’s – Big 4 Partner and State Senator. He is the best person for this job. We as a community look forward to sending Jeff Tarte back to Raleigh in 2025.”

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